Dive 15 – Many Mounds South

0830 (Central): ROV Deep Discoverer (D2) is currently being deployed for Dive 15 of the expedition at “Many Mounds South”. Today’s dive will start in approximately 580m of water and transect across a series of mound features to investigate seafloor habitats and search for deep-sea corals. D2 should arrive on the seafloor at approximately 0900. Join us and see what we discover!

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3 Responses to Dive 15 – Many Mounds South

  1. Ellen Lowe says:

    Okeanos Explorer team I just wanted to thank you so much for such an exciting expedition. I am an addicted fan of your ships live feeds and also the SS Nautilus. Very exciting, great video and very instructive commentary. It’s truly a privilege to be able to be ‘ aboard’ with you. Are there any more Okeanos Explorer expeditions scheduled for this year . I certainly hope so .
    Many thanks again from Ellen in CT

    • Hi Ellen! Thanks for following along. After the Gulf of Mexico expedition is over, NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer will head back to her homeport of Rhode Island, mapping along the East Coast as she goes. The ship will then be placed in “drydock” for most of June and July, where she’ll get some TLC and undergo repairs. We’ll then be back in August/September for more mapping and ROV dives, so stay tuned!

      • Ellen Lowe says:

        I will join you again in August and September. I can’t get anything else accomplished while you are diving . And I’ll be following the Nautilus when their season starts. Again this is such a fascinating experience . Have a great summer. Thank you!

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