Tentatively back underway on Thursday

The Okeanos Explorer is still in port effecting repairs and rotating some crew. We expect to be underway again on Thursday and resume normal operations on Friday.

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One Response to Tentatively back underway on Thursday

  1. Dear Voyager,

    I am counsel to the Environmental Protection Committee of the New York City Council. I just wanted to let you and the other scientists know that the initial days of your journey provided the most thrilling and educational viewing experience in my life. The information I gleaned from the scientists in discussion and the sights of our underexplored ocean recesses should be an inspiration for all parties who love this water planet home of ours. From my perspective, this was the best use of our tax dollars ever and should be undertaken every year. I also teach Environmental Law at Pratt Institute graduate school and if the dive continues, I will make sure that my students are advised of the great work being done by NOAA.–Samara Swanston, Esq.

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