Dive 06: “Keli” Ridge

Most NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer dives in 2015 were at depths of 2000 meters (~6560 feet) or greater – exceptions were on the slopes of Johnston Atoll or on cones. There are few areas with shallower topography, and it should be interesting to explore this depth range. Here, ROV Deep Discoverer will sample the same ridge we explored during Dive 05 of the 2015 Hohonu Moana expedition, this time at a shallower depth range, 1,235 – 1,168 meters (~4,051 – 3,830 feet), ending at the local high point. The dive will begin the dive at about 8:30 AM, HST (2:30 PM, EDT). The primary objective for this dive is to characterize the distribution and abundance of benthic fauna, in particular, corals and sponges. No work has ever been conducted on this seamount besides our deeper 2015 work. For more information about this expedition, go to:




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