Dive 07: “Edmondson” Seamount

The maintenance for the cable supplying power and communications to ROV Deep Discoverer has been completed and we are diving again. Today’s dive will take place on an unexplored area of “Edmondson” Seamount and will begin at about 8:30 AM, HST (2:30 PM, EDT) at a depth of approximately 1300 meters (~4265 feet). This site was selected for its unusual geology. This feature is believed to represent secondary volcanism after the guyot it is on sunk well below the surface. While secondary volcanism is common, and is seen on many seamounts in the Johnston Atoll area, this particular example is much larger than any others and covers much of the summit of the guyot it is on. The dive track will be along a sharp ledge at the top of the feature where deep water corals and sponges may be found. For more information about this expedition, go to:


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