Dive 14: Southeast Guyot Ridge

ROV Deep Discoverer will explore a rift zone ridge extending southeast from a guyot located in the Johnston Atoll Unit of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument today, starting at a depth of ~2,510 meters (~8,235 feet). These ridges have sometimes hosted large scale, high-density communities of deep water corals and sponges, as well as many other animals. The vehicles will launch at about 8:30 AM, HST (2:30 PM, EDT) and arrive on bottom around 9:55 AM, HST (3:55 PM, EDT). We will also explore the water column today, starting at 4:00 PM, HST (10:00 PM, EDT). The water column is one of the most underexplored environments on the planet. ROV visual surveys provide crucial data on the distributions, abundances, and behaviors of a variety of midwater animals.

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